Dry Grains, Powders & Spent Grains (Draff) Process Engineering and Handling Specialists

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Screw, chain and belt conveyors, malt mills, malt storage bins, grist cases, rack and pinion and electro-pneumatically operated shut off slides spent grains dischargers, pneumaveyors.


CTS have an experienced team of installation engineers and we offer their services for mechanical installation work relating to plant and equipment of our own manufacture along with that supplied by others.


Call us to discuss your process needs. CTS are happy to support you to achieve an economical and reliable solution to support your changing process needs and requirements.


From the smallest components to a range of spares for machines across the board, screw/chain conveyors, elevators, malt mills, spent grains dischargers, pneumaveyors, destoners, screens, classifiers or belt conveyors etc.