• P&ID
  • Zoning Drawings
  • LEV Reports
  • Health & Safety File
  • Equipment Manuals

URS or User Requirement Specification

Here at CTS we have the in house expertise to discuss and interpret your process requirements in order to produce a workable document that can be read and understood by Software Engineers, Process Engineers and Operators thus forming the basis from which a project can be developed.

P&ID or Process & Instrumentation Diagram

A P&ID is an essential part of time effective implementation of any project. In house at CTS we are able to produce P&ID’s that cover extents of a project encompassing your existing plant and equipment.

Often as existing plant evolves over a period of time many original P&ID’s become outdated and irrelevant, at CTS we can visit your site and if necessary produce a P&ID from scratch encompassing all equipment old and new.

Zoning Drawings

The ATEX regulations indicate that areas around hazardous machine and equipment should be indicated as such to make your personnel aware of any potential risks.

At CTS we are able to survey your site and produce accurate zoning drawings which illustrate this equipment. We will re-visit site and strategically position these drawings in the relevant areas to ensure that you and your organisation stay within the law.

Health and Safety File

It is requirement that all installations carry a current health and safety file which indicates the measures and procedures that have been adopted and implemented to ensure that potential risks to personnel and public are minified.

At CTS we are able to consult with you and your organisation and produce a comprehensive health and safety file relating to your dry goods plant that can be kept on record and will satisfy the requirements of the H&SE.

Equipment Manuals

We can assist you with:

  • Site documentation upgrades
  • Develop missing equipment manuals
  • Establish / update safe operating procedures
  • Collate information necessary for H&S file and guidance on mandatory equipment maintenance procedures.