In certain applications, your main goal is to pulverise the grain completely, you are aiming to produce a consistency close to flour. In this case, you’re looking for a hammer mill. We offer different options for hammer mills, whether for a distillery or for milling into a mash filter for example.

CTS have grown to become the only authorised agents and partners of Asnong Brewery Services BV and Asnong BVBA in the UK and Ireland. Asnong hammer mills are reputed machines and have been serving the brewing and distilling industries for a number of years. Hammer milling provides not only grist for mash filters but also milled adjuncts for Lauter tuns as we have recently proven on a project for a major Brewer. The combined knowledge base of CTS and Asnong not only in milling but in all aspects of legislation etc in the modern industrial environment is shared between the two companies making our services even more effective.