Get the most out of your malt by investing in a malt mill that is customized to meet the needs of the craft brewer. You will see higher extraction rates and yields will be optimized when you use a malt mill that is designed with these goals in mind. Also commonly referred to as roller mills, dry mills, or grist mills, all of our machines are proudly Made in the UK, and are literally at the cutting edge of particle reduction technology.

The CTS Malt Mill is a machine designed and manufactured in-house and is marketed as the ideal solution for the small capacity or artisan brewer or consortium of brewers who would like to gain more control over the quality and quantity of their grist requirements.

It is a classic design which demonstrates the wealth of knowledge and experience gained by the CTS team over many years involvement with the design, manufacture and installation of malt mills for the brewing and distilling industries.

The mill is constructed in a robust manner designed to be totally reliable in operation.

Unlike other small mills it features a series of bolted inspection points allowing the plant engineer/mill man to access the rolls for inspection/cleaning and to access the nip of the rolls for inspection and accurate measuring of the roll gaps at servicing  to ensure that the two scaled hand wheels are operating correctly.

The rolls are heavy duty in design and construction with spiral fluting unlike other mills on the market, each roll can be turned end for end so that the grinding/shearing action can be configured to maximise their life span.

The rolls are mounted in heavy duty flanged bearings, and are arranged to run at differential speeds via heavy duty gearwheels one of which is manufactured from mild steel and the other acetyl ensuring quiet, maintenance and lubrication free running. The bearings and gears have been selected for reliability in operation and durability, however if they ultimately fail, then as off the shelf items, spares are always readily available.

The mill body incorporates a secure mounting for the 2.2kW motor and the drive is transferred to the mill rolls via a toothed belt which gives a positive drive to ensure maximum efficiency, again the motor and drive components are “off the shelf items” which are all readily available.

The feed hopper is fitted with a high quality plate magnet to protect the rolls from ingress of ferrous material.

With the CTS mill you are assured of getting a machine that currently that represents, one of the best that the market has to offer in terms of reliability, performance and durability.